Promote the game of youth lacrosse in the towns of Acton and Boxborough.

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Acton-Boxborough Youth Lacrosse

 Rules for Play during MA COVID-19 Phase III, Step 2


  1. COVID-19 Coordinator: ABYL has a COVID-19 coordinator to oversee all aspects of the COVID-19 risk management plan including customization, implementation, monitoring, updates/changes, communications, staff training, regulatory compliance, documentation, and answering staff, player, parent/guardian and spectator questions about COVID-19 concerns.   Sarah McBride is that COVID-19 Coordinator.
  2. Communication to Coaches, Parents & Players: This document will be shared with all staff, players, and parents/guardians prior to participation in the first practice outlining what ABYL is doing to comply with state and local guidelines, and to keep all of the players, coaches and parents safe while participating in any practices. In addition, this document will be posted on Facebook and the ABYL website. It will be updated during the season, as warranted.
  3. Waiver / Release: Waiver/release with COVID-19 language form must be signed by all parents and players, league staff and team staff including coaches and volunteers prior to participation.
  4. Players and Coaches Wellness Checks: To participate or attend, ABYL ask that participants, volunteers, coaches and spectators must self-monitor and show no signs or symptoms of COVID-19 . Current list of symptoms is available here:
  5. Stay Home When Appropriate: Players, staff, parents/guardians, and spectators should stay home when they are showing signs of COVID-19, have a temperature, or have had close contact with a person with COVID-19.  We will use the MA State Guidelines on when and for how long players/coaches should not attend practice or games.
  6. Mandatory Facial Masks: Facial masks to be worn by all players during active play except for individuals with a documented medical condition or disability that makes them unable to wear a face covering.   For purposes of this guidance, a facial mask means a cloth facial covering that completely covers the nose and mouth. Facial mask requirement also applies to all spectators and chaperones, coaches, staff, referees, and other officials.
  7. Proper Hygiene: Participants and coaches must achieve proper hand hygiene at the beginning and end of all activities, either through handwashing with soap and water or by using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  8. Transportation: Activity organizers, participants, staff, coaches, volunteers and guardians/parents must also comply with all relevant transportation safety requirements, including but not limited to, ensuring that staff, volunteers, and parents/guardians are not transporting athletes that are not immediate family members. In the event that transportation of non-family members becomes necessary, all parties in the vehicle must wear cloth face coverings or face masks and to the extent possible have external air circulating in the vehicle such as opening a window.
  9. Spread Out Scheduling Of Practices/Games: ABYL will set Competition schedules with time buffers as much as is practicable to prevent the overlap of competitions or overlap of players/spectators from adjacent fields/surfaces/courts at any one time and to allow for disinfecting of equipment and cleaning of commonly touched surfaces, if necessary.
  10. Everyone Arrives Ready to Play: ABYL supports a “arrive, play, and leave” mentality and ensure that individuals are not congregating in common areas or parking lots before, during or following practices or events (such as tailgating). Players, coaches and officials should arrive for practices/games dressed to play.
  11. Player Equipment: Players should get dressed at their vehicle/parking lot and come to the field dressed.  If for some reason that is not possible, the player must bring a bag and should be spaced to encourage social distancing.
  12. Shared Equipment:   No shared use of equipment except within the same household.
  13. Creative Sportsmanship: Athletes will be discouraged from high fives, fist bumps or other social contact during practice by the coaches.  Families also should encourage their children not to do this.
  14. Food and Beverages: No shared food or drink may be provided during any activities for participants or spectators.  Participants and spectators should only drink from their own containers.  Coaches will not be providing shared water/drinks.
  15. Player/Coach/Spectator Flow: ABYL will designate the flow pattern for players/coaches and spectators to reduce people entering and exiting complexes and playing areas at the same location.
  16. Signage: COVID-19 warning signage will be posted at entry warning of COVID-19 risks and what steps can be taken to reduce such risks such as social distancing, use of face coverings, frequent hand washing, etc.
  17. Spectators: 2 parents/chaperones and siblings are permitted at games or practices.  Only players are permitted on the field.
  18. Local Rules Apply: All ABYL players and families will have to adhere to different town rules if they are more stringent than AB rules.
  19. Stick to the Field: While in-person, team-based social events are often considered an integral component of recreational sports leagues, more frequent, extended physical or close contact increases the risk of COVID-19 transmission between team members should an outbreak occur. In the interest of reducing preventable transmission events, ABYL promotes and will remind families that team-based social gatherings do not occur until all other COVID-19-specific restrictions regulating sports leagues are fully lifted.
  20. Close Contact and Quarantine Guidelines: ABYL is following Mass Department of Health and Acton BOH Guidelines as it relates to defining being a close contact and minimum quarantine periods for anyone who was a close contact or tested positive for covid-19. See the guidance here -
  21. Contact Tracing - Each team will keep an attendance sheet for every practice (& additional game rules, see below).   An attendance sheet must list all players on the team with the name of at least 1 parent/guardian and phone number for the parent/guardian.  An attendance sheet must be dated for each practice/game and marked off as to which players are in attendance.